Apply Now: Admission to the UNILAG Master of Urban Management Program

The Masters in Urban Management program at the University of Lagos (UNILAG) is presently accepting applicants. Applicants must have a bachelor’s degree and at least two years of experience, as well as meet additional requirements. The program, which is a component of the DAAD-funded WITS-TUB-UNILAG Urban Lab, aims to improve urban planning and management education throughout Africa. It teaches theoretical, practical, and technological information on municipal functions and urban management. The part-time program consists of four semesters of onsite as well as online classes.

There is a growing demand for urban management specialists in the ever-changing and expanding terrain of urban development. With this requirement in mind, the University of Lagos (UNILAG) has officially opened its doors for applicants to its distinguished faculty  of Masters in Urban Management programme.

Programme:UNILAG’s Masters in Urban Management program is presently receiving applicants.
 Qualifications requirements.  Candidates must hold a bachelor’s degree, have two years of experience, and meet other
Application:URL Apply via the URL provided on the UNILAG application portal.
Scholarship:DAAD-funded are available through the WITS-TUB-UNILAG Urban Lab Program.
Program:Specifics the initiative aims to improve African urban planning and management education.
Curriculum:Theoretical, practical, and technological understanding of city services and urban management is provided.
Duration:The four-semester part-time program includes both onsite and online classes.
Contact details:Inquiries can be addressed by email or phone at the numbers provided.

This postgraduate degree, housed in the university’s Department of Urban and Regional Planning, is intended to provide students with a thorough understanding of urban functions, infrastructure, governance, and management. It prepares them with practical, theoretical, and technical expertise to shape and administer future cities.

Requirements for Program Eligibility

Candidates interested in pursuing the Masters in Urban Management program at UNILAG must meet the following prerequisites:

  • A bachelor’s degree with honors from the University of Lagos or another recognized university is required. Furthermore, the candidate should have at least two years of post-qualification experience.
  • Meet the prerequisites outlined in the School of Postgraduate Studies rules at the University of Lagos.
  • They must go through a selection procedure to ensure they are a good fit for the program.
  • Prospective students can apply for the program by visiting the application site at

Scholarships Accessible

Recognizing the financial constraints that frequently obstruct excellent education, UNILAG offers highly competitive scholarships to qualified Nigerian candidates under the DAAD-funded WITS-TUB-UNILAG Urban Lab Programme.

Prospective students can apply for the scholarship through this link, and the deadline is Friday, July 21, 2023.Curriculum and Course Structure

The Masters in Urban Management is part of the DAAD SDG graduate school curriculum established under the WITS-TUB-UNILAG Urban Lab, a tripartite cooperation aimed to strengthen higher education capacities in urban planning and management across Africa.

The course seeks to equip students with the knowledge and skills needed to comprehend and address global, national, and local concerns affecting urban areas. The curriculum will be presented in a hybrid format of on-site and online classes, allowing students benefit from versatility.

The four-semester part-time program provides students with a broad understanding of urban management while also allowing them to balance their professional commitments.

Inquiries & Contact Details

Prospective students can contact UNILAG through email at [email protected], visit the university’s website at, or call +234 (0) 808 665 3480 and +234 (0) 802 351 9666 with any questions about the program.

Finally, the Masters in Urban Management program at UNILAG offers a unique opportunity for those interested in specializing in urban management. The course provides an excellent platform for students to develop industry-ready skills and contribute to shaping sustainable and lively urban futures, with scholarships available and a flexible program structure.



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