Empowering Future Innovators: UNIOSUN VC Pledges to Produce Tech-Savvy Graduates

Professor Clement Adebooye, vice chancellor of Osun State University (UNIOSUN), has reaffirmed his administration’s firm commitment to providing students with the technological skills necessary to meet global standards.

On Monday, the University’s Center for Entrepreneurship Studies and Innovation hosted the opening ceremony of a 4-day Entrepreneurship Studies and Innovation Training Program. Prof. Adebooye gave a speech during the event.

In areas like health, business, and telecommunication, the vice chancellor emphasized the profound influence of technological advancements.

He emphasized the application of artificial intelligence to make precise predictions that result in informed policy-making.

The VC noted the institution’s recent changes, saying, “In an effort to improve connectivity and ease the financial burden of our lecturers, we have recently networked our campuses to make it possible for lectures to be streamed live and simultaneously across campuses, removing the need for daily commuting.

Our principal objective is to provide our graduates with the technological know-how they need to advance the objectives of the institution.

He expressed confidence in the potential of technology to transform healthcare, with artificial intelligence being able to forecast illnesses as preventive diagnosis becomes a reality.

Professor Akeem Olanrewaju Salami, a well-known authority in operation research and business management, gave the keynote address and presented a thought-provoking paper titled “21st Century Entrepreneurship Skills and Economic Sustainability: Challenges and Way Out.”

In order to encourage students to become job creators rather than job seekers, he emphasized the value of developing entrepreneurial skills at the school level.

Yeye Modupe Adeleke-Sanni, known as the Entrepreneurship Mother of the Day, and Alhaji Abdulwasiu Adejumo, the Entrepreneurship Father of the Day and Managing Director of Fortunate Bread, Osogbo, received Awards of Honor during the program.


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