The NUC curriculum contradicts world standards – Dons

According to certain university researchers, the National Universities Commission’s standardized curriculum for universities violates worldwide standards.

In a recent statement, the Academic Staff Union of Universities accused the NUC of imposing a new curriculum on universities.

The union stated that it has officially rejected the curriculum while accusing the NUC of failing to follow through on its mandate.

Dr. Dele Ashiru, a former Academic Staff Union of Universities chairman at the University of Lagos, told our correspondent that the NUC was overreaching itself by attempting to establish a common curriculum standard for universities in Nigeria.

He stated that colleges would be more focused if they were allowed to develop their own courses.

“The benefits are that universities will have a focus because universities are unique.” They should be permitted to look at their neighborhood and local environment, assess the obstacles, and strive to personalize university instruction to address social and community issues. It is unrealistic to expect a university in Lagos and another in Jigawa to teach Political Science in the same way. As they say in Lagos, it is a condition of aquatic splendor.

Dr. Gbenga Owolabi from the Department of Mass Communication at Lagos State University, Ojo, said that the universities were located in different states and geopolitical zones, each with its own unique characteristics.

In addition, Dr. Kemi Oriola of the Department of Creative Arts at Tai Solarin University of Education in Ogun State stated, “It allows curriculum implementers to plan and develop their curricula.” Every university has a distinct vision and mission statement. Curricula should be adjusted to each university’s vision and mission. Manpower requirements and remuneration capabilities differ from university to university.”


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