UNIJOS Announces Post-UTME Online Screening Mop-Up Exercise 2023

The University of Jos will perform an online screening mop-up exercise from July 17–23, 2023, for applicants who didn’t make the original cut between April 10–June 19, 2023, as part of its renewed commitment to a fair and thorough admissions process. Candidates for the university must have been their top choice during the UTME and have a minimum score of 180. Candidates for direct entry must to have made their university selections first. The university’s website has more information, including exact cutoff scores and registration requirements. Inability to participate disqualifies one from admission.

Who May Participate in a Mop-Up Screening?

Criteria for candidates in the UTME:

1. The applicant must have taken the UTME in 2021 or 2022 administered by the Joint Admissions Matriculation Board (JAMB).

2. During the application process, they ought to prioritize the University of Jos.

3. A score that is at least as high as the 180-point institution cut-off point is required.

4. Candidates must also achieve the minimal differential score required for the faculties or programs they have chosen.

Candidates for direct entry:

1. Those who chose the University of Jos as their top option while applying for Direct Entry admission through JAMB are eligible to participate.

2. Aspiring applicants are urged to visit the official university portal for a thorough breakdown of the cut-off mark and differential score for each faculty or program.

Important Dates & Deadlines: To ensure safety in these unsettling times and to take into account the global change to digital means, the mop-up screening will be completed online.

Beginning of registration: On Monday, July 17, 2023, the online registration portal will be open for business.

The last day to register is: There will be no additional extensions beyond Sunday, July 23, 2023, when the gateway will close.

Application and Registration Process: By visiting the University of Jos’ official website, www.unijos.edu.ng, applicants can learn more about the application process, payment options, registration requirements, and other processes that are involved.

Important Reminder: Prospective students should be aware that failure to pass this online examination will automatically preclude them from admission to the University of Jos for the specific academic session.

The University of Jos consistently works to ensure that every qualified applicant has an equitable opportunity to pursue a quality higher education, as this mop-up exercise indicates. The method is designed to be effective and inclusive with strict requirements and precise instructions. There won’t be any further extensions or chances for admission to the present academic year, thus applicants are recommended to take this second chance seriously.


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