UNILAG VC, others unveil 12 lecturers’ offices donated by Alumni

Professor Folasade Ogunshola, vice chancellor of the University of Lagos, and Geoplex Drillteq Ltd.’s CEO. Engr. Wole Ogunsanya and leader of the University of Lagos Faculty of Engineering Alumni Association (UNILAGFEAA), Engr. Dideolu Falobi  were present to unveiled Twelve offices for lecturers that were gifted by the Alumni Association.

“We are happy to share that 4 additional classrooms with 116 seats are also being built,” said Mr. Dideolu Falobi, Chairman of UNILAGFEAA, during his remarks at the unveiling ceremony in Lagos.

Other initiatives in the Association’s N500m development portfolio include a two-story students’ study center/restaurant, a car park expansion, a general renovation of the faculty’s buildings and laboratories, and a working faculty bus.

I would like to take this occasion to invite the faculty alumni to join us in improving the learning environment that served as the foundation for where we are today. He said.

Speaking as well, Mr. Kolawole Ogunsanya, the donor, urged all levels of government to put more emphasis on building infrastructure.

Electricity is crucial, Mr. Kolawole said, adding that most agricultural products in the nation are wasted because there is no way to transport them to the facilities for preservation.

In order for this country to advance, infrastructure development must be prioritized because there are now no roads, no electricity, and no water. starting with roads and electricity.

If you look at the producing sector, wherever you are, in the factory, you own a farm, for example, the food from those farms needs to be brought to the market. Electricity is crucial. We need roads.

Because there is no method to get our agricultural products to the facilities where we can preserve them, the majority of them are wasted.

UNILAG Vice Chancellor Prof Folasade Ogunshola, emphasized the importance of a conducive environment for good teaching

As a result, she praised the Association’s action in creating a supportive environment that allows both the students and the lectures to succeed.


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