3 Nigerian students caught with 88 IMFL bottles worth Rs 27,000 in Gajarat

According to officials, 88 bottles of IMFL (Indian-made foreign liquor) worth Rs 27,000 were taken from three Nigerian students at Parul University in Vadodara.

Police stopped a car at National Highway-48 in Valsad on Sunday night, while on night patrol from the Mograwadi neighborhood to Dharampur Chokdi in Valsad town. Police reported that when they checked the car, they discovered 88 IMFL bottles worth Rs 27,200 hidden in a travel bag.

When they were apprehended, they acted inappropriately and quarreled with the police after alcohol was discovered in their vehicle, according to Valsad Town Police Sub-Inspector J N Solanki. They eventually comprehended when they were told that liquor was forbidden in Gujarat.


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