NANS blast FG over tuition fee hike

NANS rejects tuition increase in Universities, threatens protest

The National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS) criticized the presidency’s remark regarding the increase in tuition, calling it dishonest and misinformed.

On Wednesday, the FG denied rumors that President Bola Tinubu raised tuition at federally funded universities through Special Advisor to the President on Communication Dele Alake.

According to Alake, each university is free to decide how much to charge for registration, lab fees, and other fees that are not related to tuition. Each university is also free to set its own rates for dorm accommodations, registration, and other fees.

However, NANS claimed that the presidency’s comment was “a dubious attempt to conceal the real picture and the extent of the crises the Federal Government and authorities of tertiary institutions have driven the students into.” Giwa Temitope, NANS’ National Public Relations Officer, made this claim in a statement.

The administration headed by Tinubu, it was further claimed, showed a lack of commitment to improving the educational system.

The government of Nigeria’s stance regarding the what we consider to be an absurd and astronomical increase in tuition fees. We view President Tinubu’s assertion that there are no tuition fees for students at Nigerian universities as deceptive and false.

An immediate reversal of the fee increase across the board in federal was demanded by the top student body.

Additionally, it demanded that the Federal Government’s proposed student loan program be scrapped and that adequate funding be provided for the education sector to ensure the effective provision of high-quality education..

We maintain that there is absolutely no justification for the increase in fees that are due at all of our Universities. As a result, we demand that the fee increases in all affected institutions be reversed immediately and without conditions.

Yes, federal institution continues to be tuition-free, but the government should be in charge for all other fees that students are expected to pay. As Dele Alake stated in his press statement on behalf of the Federal Government, if President Tinubu is truly interested in ensuring that every Nigerian, notwithstanding of financial circumstance, has acess to excellence education, his government must significantly increase investment in the education sector.

This will ensure that everyone, irrespective of contextual, has access to high-quality education. The tuition-free policy is equivalent to free tuition in exchange for contemptible fees, given the outrageous fees Nigerian students pay.

We request that the student loan program be scrapped.


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