Aptech to awards £15m scholarship to 5,000 Nigerians

5,000 Nigerians will receive £15 million in scholarships from Aptech, a vocational and IT training company, to study at the University of Massachusetts, in London, or in Dubai.

We are giving £3,000 to 5,000 students this year, according to Kallol Mukherjee, senior vice president and functional head of retail international. We have begun approaching students after opening the application. From September through October, scholarships will be given out all over Nigeria.

Regarding what the company hopes to accomplish with the gift, he said: “We want to see these students give back to Nigeria. They’ll return and give back to the country that gave them success. We are merely enablers.

We have been committed and have considerably impacted the livelihoods of several learners, solidification the nation’s IT and technical education scene. We provided scholarships to 3,000 people the previous year. Giving is an amazing feeling.


Nigerian student get nominated for $100,000 Global award

Noel Ifeanyi Alumona, a Nigerian student at Vanderbilt University in the United States, is one of the 50 finalists for the $100,000 2023 Chegg and Varkey Foundation’s Global Student Award.

This year’s award recipient will be revealed later.

With the help of his non-governmental organization, Boys Champions, Alumona was chosen for the international award for his efforts to eradicate gender-based violence in the nation.

In order to teach young men about responsible behavior and respect for women, he established the NGO in 2018. He asserted that this value orientation was necessary to combat male chauvinism and stop the gender-based violence that men commit against women and girls.

His efforts propelled him into the spotlight on a global scale when, in 2022, he became the first African to receive the AFS Award.

Alumona was delighted to learn that the Chegg and Varkey Foundation had nominated him, and he described it as a mind-blowing development in a conversation with journalists. His non-profit organization’s initiatives to combat gender-based violence in Nigeria were also described in further detail.

Working with boys and men can positively and significantly transform the lives of women and girls, according to Alumona.

He clarified that Boys Champions is still devoted to fostering an environment that is safe for women and girls. To this end, he said, the organization works with young boys and men to teach them how to be healthy men and how to approach women with respect..


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