Guide and Deadline for Mandatory Medical Tests for UNIDEL Students

Guide and Deadline for Mandatory Medical Tests for UNIDEL Students

Acknowledging the significance of health and safety in the university community is imperative as you commence your academic pursuits at the University of Delta (UNIDEL), Agbor. The administration of UNIDEL is concerned about the large number of students who have not yet finished their required medical testing. For University Medical Services to have the medical data needed to properly treat any emergencies, these tests are necessary.

  • UNIDEL Alert: Many pupils have not finished their medical examinations
  • Test Relevance: Essential for managing emergencies, includes X-ray, genotype, etc.
  • Closing date: Two-week Time frame  : January 15th, 2024 – January 31th, 2024
  • Incoming students: No Matriculation Numbers if tests are not passed
  • Test Types: Urinalysis and vital signs are among the required tests.
  • Health Risk: When neglect occurs, there could be serious effects.
  • Academic Impact: Completing tests is associated with academic procedures
  • Required Action: It is imperative that all students take examinations.

The Significance of Health Examinations for UNIDEL Students’

  • Emergency Readiness: When a patient is ill, medical professionals rely on fundamental medical data like X-rays, genotypes, urinalyses, and other vital signs to treat them appropriately.
  • Preventing Unfavorable Results: Precise medical information is essential for managing emergencies, averting unfavorable and potentially fatal circumstances.

The University’s Medical Test Policy Directive

The University Management voiced grave concerns about this matter in a meeting on Tuesday, January 9, 2024. As a result, all students (new and returning) who have not yet finished their medical tests have been given two weeks, starting on Monday, January 15, and ending on Wednesday, January 31, 2024, to comply.

Guidelines for First-Time Students

  • Matriculation Number Contingency: If new students don’t pass these medical exams and have their necessary medical files opened, they won’t be given their matriculation numbers.

Action Required by All UNIDEL Students

  • Check the Status of Your Medical Tests: Check to see if you’ve finished all the recommended medical testing.
  • Schedule tests immediately: If you haven’t already, make an appointment and take the tests during the allotted two weeks.
  • For New Students: Recognize that in order to obtain your Matriculation Number, you must pass these assessments.

In summary
The University of Delta places a high priority on your health and safety. It is not only necessary, but also a crucial step to guaranteeing your safe and healthy academic experience at UNIDEL, to complete these medical examinations. Together, let’s make the campus a safer place for everybody.

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