Delta Govt approves mass employment of teachers, others 

Employment of primary school teachers, secretaries, and watchmen in 22 local government areas in Delta State has been approved by Governor Sheriff Oborevwori.

In a press conference following the State Joint Account Allocation Committee (JAAC) meeting on Friday in Asaba, Victor Ebonka, the chairman of the Association of Local Governments of Nigeria (ALGON) for Delta State, announced the approval.

Ebonka stated that the JAAC meeting gave the approval, and that the recruitment process will be based on each local government’s assessment of its own needs.

At today’s JAAC meeting, His Excellency, Governor Sheriff Oborevwori, approved the immediate hiring of primary school teachers by 22 of the 25 local government councils.

Because each local government council will take into account those who have retired from their councils, the number of positions available will not be uniform. As a result, each council will determine the appropriate number of employees.

Additionally, we are hiring watchmen, administrative assistants, and any other necessary support personnel for the Local Government Education Authority. This will significantly help with the issue of teacher shortage in our primary schools.

The ALGON CEO also refuted claims that the councils received a sizable windfall by saying that the allocation they received for the month of July was typical.

About N1.9 trillion will reportedly be distributed in July, according to rumors.

 “The allocation given out for the month of July is not unusual in any way. Although, it is higher than what we had a few years ago,” he said.

He also discussed the loan facility for pension payments totaling N40 billion.

All the procedures and requirements for the N40 billion facility have been fulfilled, and the 1% management fee has even been paid. We are confident that we will have access to the funds next month.

“As previously stated, we will pay all of the funds that we will access directly to the pensioners. He said that the accounts are currently being audited by the forensic experts we have hired to make sure that the pensioners are receiving the actual accruals.

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