Education should focus on creativity rather than job seeking – Ndoma-Egba

Victor Ndoma-Egba, a former Senate leader, has said that the nation’s educational system ought to be geared toward employment creation rather than job seeking.

Ndoma-Egba went on to say that as the world was quickly moving past education as a means of finding employment, education should be accompanied by skill development.

The politician emphasized the need of instilling an entrepreneurial mindset in children while stating that “education is about creating jobs” at the Start-Rite School graduation in Abuja.

Amaka, his late wife, founded Start-Rite School in 2008 to fulfill her share of the responsibility for the country’s educational system.

The wealth of a nation is not in its natural resources, its oil, or its currency,” the eminent attorney once observed.

Education for employment is becoming obsolete. We now live in a time when education is used to create jobs. So, rather than focusing on finding employment, our education must be designed to create them.

We hope that when we have given our students entrepreneurship training, they would enter the workforce not looking for jobs but rather generating jobs for others.”

Insisting that they have the ability to be the greatest among their peers, he counseled the graduating students to aspire to be the best among their peers.

Femi Akinlade, the principal of Start-Rite School, called the event a turning point in the school’s 15-year history.

 “The school was founded as an early-year primary school in 2008, but the secondary school just became a reality in 2018. Actually, the project was what took me from Lagos and the Saudi Arabian first principal. The first group of pupils that we raised from the ground up is this one. They did a fantastic job. They performed exceptionally well on the JAMB exam as well as the IGCSE, which they both took. Nearly all of them gain entrance both domestically and overseas,” he added.

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