JAMB: See How You Can Print 2023 UTME Exam Slip

This page explains how to print your JAMB exam slip directly from the JAMB website. The official webpage has been made available for 2023 UTME participants to print their JAMB exam slips. To print your exam slips directly from the JAMB website, see the details here.

Please be aware that printing can only be done on computers that are linked to printers. Before visiting a Cyber Cafe to print it out, you must first check to see if yours is available on the JAMB site using your phone (DO NOT USE OPERA MINI). If you don’t already have a computer and printer at home, go to the business center.

This article will demonstrate how to print your JAMB exam slip accurately. Recall to practice with the First-Class Learners app or software for the JAMB exam in 2023 as you print the JAMB exam slip. You can enhance your speed when responding to JAMB questions and learn about past and potential JAMB questions. Utilize the app regularly to prepare for the JAMB exam. Use the links below to download right away;

How to Re-Print JAMB 2023 Exam Slip Directly From JAMB Website: Steps and Procedure

1. To print exam slips, go to the JAMB portal: https://slipsprinting.jamb.gov.ng/PrintExaminationSlip

2 Fill up the space with your JAMB Registration Number or email address.

3. Your exam information will appear up when you click “Print Examination Slip,” and you can then proceed to connect your computer to a printer and print.

Please be aware:

1. If your home is without a computer and printer. You can print your slip at any Cyber Café.

2. You should print two copies of your JAMB exam slip for 2023. One must be turned in on the day of the exam, and the other must be kept for reference.

3. It is best to get your 2023 JAMB exam slip printed in color.

Due to the large number of users attempting to use the portal at once, it might be a little slow. Therefore, in order to access the portal, you might need to reload the page as frequently as possible. In the comment section, you can share your experience with other people.


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