JAMB to set a new date for candidates who experience technical difficulties during the mock exam

How to Successfully Register JAMB UTME and DE In 2023 Advantages of early JAMB UTME and DE registrations in 2023 include: More time to prepare: Candidates who register early have more time to study and prepare for the exams. Avoiding last-minute rush: By registering early, candidates can avoid the stress and confusion that often comes with last-minute registrations. Increased chances of getting preferred exam centers: Candidates who register early have a better chance of getting their preferred exam centers, as slots at popular centers may fill up quickly. Better chance of securing a seat: Early registrants are more likely to secure a seat at their desired institutions Better chance of getting a desired course: An early registration might give you an edge in getting a seat for your desired course, as the admission process is done on a first-come-first-serve basis. Reduced stress: Early registration means less stress and pressure on the part of the candidate, as they can focus on their studies and preparation. Early confirmation of registration details: Early registration allows candidates to confirm and verify their registration details before the registration deadline. Early planning: Early registration enables candidates to plan and organize their time effectively, as they know the exact date of their exams. Increased chances of getting admission: Early registrants are more likely to be offered admission, as they are considered ahead of those who register later. Scholarship Opportunities: Early registration might increase chances of getting a scholarship as some scholarships are awarded based on the order of registration. Disadvantages of early JAMB UTME and DE registrations in 2023 include: Higher costs: Candidates may have to pay higher fees for early registration. Limited time for making changes: Candidates who register early may have limited time to make changes to their registration details. Risk of missing important information: Candidates who register early may miss important information or updates about the exams that are released later. Limited time for reviewing and rectifying errors: There may be limited time to review and rectify any errors in the registration details Limited time for meeting all requirements: Candidates may have limited time to meet all requirements for registration, such as obtaining necessary documents. Limited time to meet cut-off marks: Early registration may not give candidates enough time to meet cut-off marks for their desired institutions Limited time for practice and preparation: Candidates may not have enough time to practice and prepare for the exams if they register early. Limited time for financial planning: Candidates may not have enough time to plan financially if they register early. Limited time for change of mind: Candidates may not have enough time to change their minds about the institution or course they want to apply for. Limited time for getting assistance: Candidates may not have enough time to get assistance if they register early.

JAMB has stated that the board is aware that some candidates were unable to take the mock exam on March 30th, 2023 due to technical difficulties in some of the exam centers. The exercise was held in 725 locations across the country. According to JAMB, candidates affected by technical issues and glitches will be rescheduled to take the examination at a later date at no cost.

The Board would investigate all issues raised by the mock exam and take appropriate action to ensure a better and more efficient process during the main exam. The main exam comes after the UTME mock.

They are specifically designed to help candidates adequately prepare for the upcoming JAMB exam, as they contain everything you need to excel.

It should be noted that prior to the 2023 exercise, the Board had disclosed in a statement that it would be introducing some new measures that had never been used before and would want to use the opportunity of the mock exercise to assess their functionality.

The Board would like to take this opportunity to apologize to all candidates for any inconvenience this has caused them. This is part of a development process aimed at enhancing the Board’s efforts to improve the quality, security, and sanctity of its services while also ushering in the next phase of its transformational agenda.

The exercise also provided the Board with a rare opportunity to fine-tune this process for improved results. The Board thanks the candidates and their parents for their patience and promises to work hard to perfect the system for which they have made such a sacrifice.

The benefits of the exercise cannot be quantified because the Board has taken note of the challenges and, as a result, is better positioned to deliver a seamless UTME exercise in April 2023, as projected.

The Board will continue to ask candidates and the general public for their patience as it works to develop new and better methods of improving the quality of large-scale assessments in Nigeria.


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