Kano Govt orders the suspension of three principals for delinquency of duty

Kano govt seeks for support to revamp the education section in the state

Three principals of public secondary schools in Kano State have been ordered to be suspended immediately for neglect of duty.

In a statement on Friday, the state director of public education for the Ministry of Education, Ameen Yassar, confirmed the development.

Government Girls Secondary School Dawanau, Government Girls Secondary School Kwa, and Government Arabic Secondary School, all located in the state’s Dawakin Tofa Local Government Area, were among the impacted institutions.

Yassar claims that Umar Doguwa, the state commissioner for education, made the announcement of the suspension soon after visiting the schools on Friday between the hours of 9 and 10 a.m. and learning that the affected principals had not yet reported to their job positions.

According to his checks, all three of them had been missing from their jobs on Fridays for a considerable amount of time.

 “These principals are immediately suspended because this administration will not tolerate truancy, tardiness, or any other type of official misbehavior, he stated.

In order to prevent disruptions to academic activities, Yassar added that the commissioner further ordered that new and capable principals be placed in the three schools right now.

Doguwa also instructed that two instructors at the GASS Dawanau and four at the GGSS Kwa be questioned for tardiness, the speaker continued.

These principals’ and teachers’ behavior shows a lack of seriousness. We are a serious government, and we won’t let irresponsible people sabotage our objectives for education, he said.

In the meanwhile, the commissioner had ordered that the G.G.S.S. Harbau Principal in the Tsanyawa Local Government Area be honored for her hard work.

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