Babcock University Convocation Ceremony 2023

Babcock University’s PRESIDENT/VICE-CHANCELLOR, Prof. Ademola S. Tayo, respectfully invites everyone to the illustrious 21st Undergraduate and 12th Postgraduate Convocation Ceremony on July 30, 2023. The ceremony, which will honor graduates and present awards is presented on behalf of the Board of Trustees, Council, and Senate,

The graduation ceremony at Babcock University

An important event is about to happen, and it’s taking place on the serene Babcock University grounds.

The university, a bulwark of learning and academia, is getting ready to honor its students’ years of toil, devotion, and accomplishments.

A Special Message from the Vice-Chancellor and President

The renowned Prof. Ademola S. Tayo In his dual roles as President and Vice-Chancellor, extends a sincere invitation.

He kindly requests your presence at this momentous occasion on behalf of the University’s Board of Trustees, Council, and Senate.

Details of the Grand Ceremony

The 21st Undergraduate and 12th Postgraduate Convocation Ceremony with the goal to award the graduates with degrees and prizes that they have earned will take place as follows:

Date: July 30, 2023.

Time: 9:00 AM (We kindly ask that guests arrive a little early to reserve their seats).

Location: Babcock University Stadium, a venue renowned for its splendor and capability to host significant gatherings.

Convocation ceremonies are more than just formal occasions; they are a celebration of hopes fulfilled, objectives attained, and the bright futures that each graduate has in store. Attending will allow you to share in the students’ happiness and honor the hard work they have put into their education.

A Message for the Graduates

This day represents a significant turning point in your academic career. Remember the skills you learned, the connections you made, and the obstacles you overcame at Babcock University as you prepare to embark on new experiences. Since it represents the fruit of years of tenacity and dedication, cherish this moment.


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