LAWMA Empowers Young Pupils on Waste Management

In order to impart the fundamentals of efficient waste management to the younger generation, LAWMA Academy, the educational arm of the Lagos Waste Management Authority, has organized a four-week summer school for kids between the ages of eight and twelve.

According to an announcement made public on Tuesday, the summer school began on July 31, 2023, at the LAWMA headquarters in Ijora-Olopa, Lagos.

The summer school program is intended to educate kids from a young age on the concept of waste management and environmental sanitation, raising ambassadors for a cleaner and healthier environment with experienced expert in a favorable learning atmosphere, said Dr. Muyiwa Gbadegesin.

In addition to offering other enjoyable learning opportunities, this will help prepare young people to become conscientious environmental activists.

The team leader of the academy, Mrs. Elizabeth Ademola, also spoke. She noted that this was the third run of the program and said the summer school was created to make waste and environmental management concepts more understandable to kids so that they would have a comprehensive understanding of environmental sustainability practices.


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