Registration Details for FCE Jama’are, First Semester 2023/2024: Fees and Procedures

Registration Details for FCE Jama'are, First Semester 2023/2024: Fees and Procedures

Jama’are, Federal College of Education returning students, take note! The first semester of the 2023–2024 academic session can now be registered , according to an announcement made by the institution. This is a crucial update for all Students preparing to continue their academic journey college. 

Start your FCE Jama’are Registration Process Right Now! Urgent Action Is Required:

  • Students are advised to start the  payment process for the registration fee as soon as possible.

Detailed FCE Jama’are Fee Schedule 

Fee Structure for Various Schools:

  • Schools of Sciences, Vocational and Technical Education: Student enrolled in these School are to pay N26,000
  • School of Arts and Social Sciences: The fee for students enrolled in this program is N25,000

Procedures for a Successful Registration

To Ensure a Smooth Registration, Comply with These Steps:

  • Check Your Fee Requirements: Verify the cost for you according to your course of study.
  • Process of Payment: Please pay your registration fee in the amount indicated.

Finalize Your Registration formalities:  Proceed with the remaining steps to finish your registration after making payment.

In summary
The Federal College of Education, Jama’are is starting a new and exciting academic session with this enrollment. To prevent any last-minute problems, make sure you finish your registration as soon as possible. Cheers to an academic year filled with achievement and enrichment!

Take action right now! Begin the process of registering with Federal College of Education, Jama’are, and set out on your next educational journey.

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