TASU Appoints a New Deputy Vice Chancellor for Research and Academic Affairs

TASU Appoints a New Deputy Vice Chancellor for Research and Academic Affairs

Taraba State University’s (TASU) administration has named a new Deputy Vice-Chancellor for Academics and Research.With a strong foundation in educational psychology, Dr. Ahmad Baba Muhammad is a renowned academic and pioneer in education. Dr. Baba is a distinguished member of academia and the larger educational community, with a focus on global health and a dedication to teaching excellence.

Dr. Baba’s educational background and professional qualifications include a Ph.D. in Educational Psychology from the esteemed Ahmadu Bello University in Zaria, as well as certificates in project management, global mental health, policy and advocacy in global health, and monitoring and evaluation from the esteemed University of Washington in the United States. Along his scholastic path, he has also earned advanced diplomas in computer repairs and maintenance.

Membership in Prominent Professional Associations: Dr. Baba is a member of several prominent associations, such as the Teachers Registration Council of Nigeria (TRCN), the Counselling Association of Nigeria (CASSON), and the Nigerian Council of Educational Psychologists (NCEP). His commitment to remaining on the cutting edge of educational advancement is demonstrated by his associations.
A bachelor’s degree in education, a master’s degree in educational psychology, and a doctorate in the same subject comprise his academic accomplishments. The numerous certificates from esteemed institutes that Dr. Baba has earned further enhance her research and academic endeavors.

Dr. Baba is a superb leader who excels in both administrative and leadership roles. Prior to his appointment, he served as the Dean of Taraba State University’s Faculty of Education in Jalingo, where he oversaw official meetings and exercised administrative and leadership styles. He makes sure that the faculty remains disciplined. In the shortest amount of time during his rule, Dr. Baba has altered the faculty’s perspective. His extensive background in responsible leadership is demonstrated by his prior positions as Faculty Examination Officer, Acting Dean, Deputy Dean, Acting HOD, and Acting SANDWICH coordinator.

Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academics and Research) Dr. Baba’s current appointment marks a new chapter in his beloved brilliant career. He is well-positioned to break new ground and lead Taraba State University, Jalingo’s academic program and research to new heights in this capacity. The Vice-Chancellor might assign particular duties pertaining to academic affairs and research to the Deputy Vice-Chancellor for Academic and Research, allowing for more concentrated and effective administration. This delegation can improve the university’s overall performance by guaranteeing that activities related to research and academics receive specialized attention and knowledge. Additionally, by demonstrating strong leadership in these important areas, it encourages creativity and collaboration throughout the university community.

Contributions to the Editing: As the editorial secretary of the TSU Journal of Educational Research and Production and the International Journal of Counseling and Human Development, Dr. Baba is a multifaceted scholar who has made a substantial contribution to the academic community. Dr. Baba’s publications include chapters in numerous books and papers in respected national, international, and local magazines. In this capacity, he oversaw correspondence, gave priceless administrative help, and was essential to the creation and dissemination of the journals.

Constant Learning and Development: Dr. Baba’s quest for ongoing education is indicative of his dedication to professional development. His commitment to remaining up to date with emerging trends and technologies is demonstrated by his qualifications in computer maintenance and global health as well as his active participation in professional societies.
The background of Dr. Ahmad Baba Muhammad demonstrates his steadfast dedication to psychology, education, and international health. He is regarded as a significant figure in the field because of his broad experience, leadership responsibilities, and scholarly achievements. The academic career of the new DVC is a perfect example of how to successfully combine leadership, academic brilliance, and a passion for improving mental health and education worldwide.

With his extensive background in leadership, It is hoped that the Vice-Chancellor and the University Community will benefit the most from this creative academic/researcher given his abundance of leadership experience!

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