FG Urged to Ensure Implementation of Education Policy

Previously serving as the Federation’s Head of Service, Prof. Oladapo Olatunji has urged the Federal Government to review how the nation’s education policy is being implemented from a comprehensive perspective.

According to Olatunji, the review became necessary in order to have a high-quality education and skill set that will serve the nation’s labor market.

During a press conference with journalists this past weekend at the KIA Lakeside Academy’s graduation ceremony in Abuja, he revealed this.

The former Head of Service, who is now the Chairman of the School Board, stated that KIA Lakeside Academy was founded in 2008 and added that the school has the best instructors who give each student their undivided attention.

According to the JAMB results, the lowest score was 272, he claimed. That demonstrates the school’s caliber. I’ll say that we are proud of the school and the contributions made.

Olatunji advised the Federal Government to focus more on improving the caliber of the nation’s universities.

You won’t attend a very subpar university if you attend a high-quality secondary school, he claimed. Because of this, a lot of students choose to study abroad or go “Japa.”. They are seeking high standards, which is why. Sometimes they miss it because they are focusing on the country’s name rather than its actual contents. Some of our universities are superior to some of the ones they attend abroad.

Therefore, we must work diligently in order for the top universities to have a market for top secondary school output, I hope that this new government will pay attention to tertiary institutions.

The government will review education policy implementation in a way that ensures we have a good quality education and skill set that will benefit our workforce.

Speaking about school taxes, Olatunji said that while schools that have been operating for a reasonable number of years should pay tax, new schools should be exempt from paying taxes.

In his opinion, new schools should receive tax breaks, but once they are ready to pay taxes, they should do so in a timely manner. However, once you start turning out students of a very high caliber, you can use their academic progress to offer tax breaks.

Mr. William Pope, the principal of the school, had earlier expressed his overwhelm at how large the once-small institution has grown to be.

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