FG owe every child free education –Okojie  

Previously serving as the National Universities Commission’s (NUC) executive secretary, Prof. Julius Okojie have tasked Leaders in Nigeria  to maintain free and mandatory basic and secondary education.

At the first lecture in his lecture series titled “The Future of the Nations University System,” Okojie made the announcement.

The Professor expressed displeasure with the state of primary education in the nation and insisted that to better prepare them for the future, Nigerian leaders owe every child free elementary and secondary education.

He pointed out that some primary school students still study outside, in unfavorable conditions that ultimately result in individuals who are only partially competent.

Government structures at the local, state, and federal levels are ineffective. Even though it is still the responsibility of local governments, secondary schools for states, and the federal government, basic education is still handled by the former.

“My experience working in public service has taught me that a female without an education does not belong in our country. I have therefore started informaly preaching that crusade using my family’s residence in Uromi, Edo state..

A guest speaker at the lecture series, Prof. In her presentation, Desireé Guobadia urged a review of Higher School Certificate (HSC) programs.

The certificate, according to Guobadia, would give students the training opportunities they need to develop their maturity.

She added that there weren’t enough higher education facilities to meet Nigerians’ demand for admission.

She pointed out the importance of coordinating educational objectives with national objectives and policies, arguing that the 6-3-3-4 system of instruction should result in the acquisition of knowledge and skills to make room for students who are not pursuing higher education.

However, she urged increased efforts to be made to give post-secondary school graduates in the nation employment opportunities.


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