Gov. Mutfwang Unveils Plan to improve secondary schools in Plateau

Plateau state has pledged to create a State Senior Secondary Education Board as part of its efforts to reform the educational system for effective service delivery.

Governor Mutfwang made this statement when the National Senior Secondary Education Commission’s (NSSEC) Executive Secretary, Dr. Iyela and his staff visited him on Tuesday

In order to create an environment that is conducive to learning and to give students a chance to compete favorably with students around the world, Governor Mutfwang emphasized the need requires immediate action on senior secondary schools’ infrastructure.

He expressed his appreciation for the federal government’s initiative in creating the NSSEC and promised to implement a comparable system in Plateau State so that his state could benefit from potential interventions from the Commission.

Gov. Mutfwang noted that since the Commission is new, it is necessary to make an advocacy trip to inform people of its existence.

I am aware of the discussion surrounding the gaps at the secondary school level, so it is encouraging to learn that the government took action to create a Commission to oversee this crucial area of our educational system.

The Senior Secondary School is a very important turning point in every student’s educational journey, he said. But for a while now, it has been obvious that things have been handled carelessly. It is a positive development to try to establish standards for secondary education because the standard is declining.

In order to maximize their contribution to developing competent young people who will soon drive the nation’s economy, Mutfwang argued for the inclusion of other secondary schools—which are neither private nor public—into the Commission’s intervention.

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