Terrorist releases three students abducted several month ago in Zamfara

The female students of Zamfara College of Art and Science who were kidnapped a few months ago have been freed by terrorist bandits.

The students, as you may remember from the news, were abducted earlier this year, and the terrorists demanded N50 million in ransom to release them.

However, the kidnapped student was released earlier in the week, Zagazola Makama, a security analyst and counter-insurgency expert in the Lake Chad region reported.

Makama added that victims are currently receiving medical evaluations and treatment at an undisclosed hospital in Gusau, the state’s capital.

It is unknown at this time whether the parents or the government paid the ransom to secure the children’s release. Additionally, the Zamfara government has not yet made a statement regarding their alleged release.

In case you forgot, the bandits had a video of female students pleading with the government to save them released.

The abducted victims in particular begged Zamfara State Governor Dauda Lawal to save them from being married off by their captors.

In the video Zagazola tweeted, one of the students was seen pleading and sobbing under threat of being shot. He claimed that they had been held captive since the time of former Governor Bello Matawalle’s administration, and that he had been unable to free them until May 29, 2023.

We are in serious trouble, for God’s sake, she said. Since the former government’s administration, we have been here, she cried. We have been in the forest for 174 days, or nearly six months.

We have no one else to turn to for the sake of God, but you, mothers. Help us out by coming. The former governor was powerless to save us. We are pleading with Dauda Lawal’s new administration to assist us.

The other three girls expressed their own dissatisfaction and begged the government to help them.


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