UNIJOS announces school fees raise from N45,000 to over N200,000

The University of Jos has announced that tuition fee will rise from the current N45,000 to N213,000, a 300 percent increase.

The N213,000 fee is for 100 and 200 level students, while students at the 300 level and above will now pay N160,000. This is stated in the new school fees chat, which was signed by the university’s registrar.

The university raised the cost of attendance in 2017 from N27,000 to N45,000. Professor Sabastian Maimako, the institution’s vice chancellor at the time, had cited the need to upgrade some materials, rising costs, and dwindling budgetary allocations.

The figure, according to Maimako, was approved by parents, former students, and other stakeholders at a meeting in Jos where all factors were taken into account.

Before coming to this enormous and outrageous increase in school fees, it is unknown whether the current vice chancellor, Professor Tanko Ishaya, had the same agreement with the students union government, parents, and other stakeholders.

UNIJOS increment came weeks after the University of Lagos (UNILAG) announced increment, which led parents and Nigerians in general to protest the country’s universities’ astronomical increases in tuition.

The Take-It-Back movement referred to the current trend of fee increases by many universities in the nation as a “neoliberal agenda” of the Nigerian government led by President Bola Tinubu, despite the fact that millions of Nigerians live in squalor.

Authorities at @UnilagNigeria and other campuses have decided to astronomical increases in fees in response to the neoliberal agenda of the administration of @officialABAT targeted at pricing education out of the reach of the poor.

This is happening at a time when more than 150 million Nigerians live in extreme poverty, which is made worse by the unprecedented hardship brought on by increases in fuel and electricity prices.

Millions of Nigerian students who will suffer from the renewed neoliberal siege on public education, including University of Lagos students, their underprivileged parents, and TIB members, have our support.


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