Housing and financing issues are being faced by UNILAG -VC

Some of the greatest challenges surrounding the University of Lagos, Akoka includes housing, funds, and security.

Housing and financing issues are being faced by UNILAG -VC

At a press conference, Vice-Chancellor Prof. Folasade Ogunsola discussed the accomplishments of her office in 2023 and stated that staff housing remained a big concern, while money remained a challenge to maximizing the delivery of high-quality education.

She maintained that UNILAG’s property was the target of constant attacks in 2023.

Ogunsola pointed out, “Housing of staff is one of our major challenges. We have worked to democratize the processes used to assign all on-campus housing, including the boys’ quarters. In order to address the housing issues that many of our staff members face, we are also remodeling several of the buildings that house the staff residences.
Transforming the larger duplexes into two-bedroom apartments is one of our tactics. While securing funding is still a barrier to maximizing the delivery of high-quality education, we are not giving up. We are optimistic that government support will supplement our actions, some of which we have already mentioned, to help the situation shortly. However, I must warn that we are starting to see before unseen dangers to the safety of university property. We had frequent attacks on university property in 2023, but I will state that the Nigerian Police’s and our security officers’ joint efforts have managed to slow the attacks. We’ll keep making every effort to keep our campuses secure.
Regarding achievements, she said that although her government began building new facilities, it prioritized modernizing and refurbishing the ones that already existed.

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