Tech-Firm launches App to combat unemployment and improve learning

In Nigeria, An IT consulting, Devosta Solution Limited has introduced the “Dice Tutors” app to help out-of-school kids receive higher-quality instruction while also reducing unemployment.

Ajayi Aiyesa, the company’s chief executive officer, emphasized the importance of sharing knowledge and its effects on society while stating that the app’s main goal goes beyond simply educating users; rather, it focuses on enabling them to impart their knowledge to others.

He expressed concern over the difficulties the Nigerian educational system currently faces and the scarcity of employment opportunities, citing them as the primary drivers behind the creation of the app.

Aiyesa recalled a pivotal moment from a previous project when the subject of private tutors was brought up. This discussion gave rise to the idea to develop a platform that would significantly enhance the educational system and lower Nigeria’s unemployment rate.

While highlighting the enormous opportunities that online connectivity brings, he claimed that the world is now global.

Aiyesa reaffirmed the firm’s commitment to sponsoring students who cannot afford the service and to making sure that education is still accessible to everyone, particularly those living in remote areas.

Alade Aramide, the company’s chief operating officer, added that the platform accommodates students of all abilities and makes sure that slow learners get the same attention and support as fast learners when discussing the platform’s features.

Aramide also emphasized how adaptable the platform is, enabling users to customize and bargain their learning schedules in accordance with their particular requirements.

She urged parents to actively monitor their children’s participation, but she also voiced concerns about online safety during class.

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