UNESCO Endorses Osinbajo’s Vision to Transform Education System

By working together to introduce the Innovation to Transform Education Training (ITET) in Nigeria, the UNESCO International Institute for Higher Education in Latin America and the Caribbean (IESALC) is supporting the recently established organization, Future Perspectives, of former vice president, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo.

The organization, which has a strong focus on Africa, is convinced that in order to shape the future of the world, the voices of African youth must be prominently woven into global conversations because their involvement and activism will not only have a significant impact on the region but will also bring the priceless perspectives of Africa to the international stage.

While the procedure for consultation started in July 2023, ITET’s initial cohort of 50 young people with varied social and cultural factors origins and connections to Nigerian education will get upskilling training in that country in November 2023.

They consist of preliminary and on-the-job education stakeholders who are currently enrolled in higher education structures with educationally oriented programs, multifaceted undergraduates or practitioners who have a common interest with educational programs or projects, education professionals at the federal, provincial, and local levels, and young leaders from significant youth organizations based at higher education.

The Nigerian pilot, as a key regional hub, is expected to spark cooperative efforts for the start of Innovation to Transform Education Trainings in other African nations dealing with comparable issues among their youth populations.

Future Opinions and the UNESCO IESALC are both confident that Africans can bring about the remarkable change in education that the continent so desperately wants if they are given a voice at the table, given space to act in the real world, given access to their collective power, and given the knowledge, skills, and resources they need.

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