Zulaihat Radda affirms commitment to girl-child education

The wife of the governor of Katsina State, Zulaihat Radda, has vowed to improve the educational opportunities for girls in the region.

The announcement was made by the governor’s wife on Saturday at the opening of new courses at Malunfashi’s Nana Babajo College of Nursing Sciences and Satellite.

She claims she will exert every effort to permeate every region of the state and educate parents to encourage allowing their daughters to pursue both Western and Islamic education.

She continued by saying that the introduction of the programs was intended to improve health care and give state residents more employment options.

I must say that the state’s health sector will receive higher priority under my husband, Mallam Dikko Radda’s, administration.

SASHIN, a side project of mine, is also committed to improving people’s lives in our neighborhood.

She said that SASHIN was dedicated to fostering a better future by addressing important issues like infant and child malnutrition, cancer, sickle cell disease, maternal mortality, girl child education, and many more.

As a mother and advocate for the education of girls, among other things, I will continue to work hard to persuade parents to let their daughters pursue both Western and Islamic education.

“I want to congratulate the parents for giving their children this wonderful opportunity as well as the pioneer students who have been accepted to study in these two new programs.

Aminu Bello-Abdullahi, the college’s dean, had earlier praised the governor’s spouse for her dedication to girl children’s education.

He claims that the purpose of the new courses is to improve the state’s 34 local government areas’ (LGA) health systems.

He also pleaded with the state government to give the college more resources to help them perform their duties.


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